20 Ways To Get What You Want

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Offer value. In order to get someone to do something for you there has to be an incentive, or some type of reward.

Laugh, smile, and express optimism and confidence. We are all drawn to people who appear resilient and hopeful.

Share. Entertain others with jokes, stories, or insightful information. Be open and sharing.

20 ways to Get What You Want: Laugh, smile, share, offer value, give guidance, and more. #laugh #smile

Give a piece of free advice or offer some type of guidance. People will welcome such an approach.

Establish your credentials. If people feel you are in a position to help them, now or down the road, they are more apt to work with you.

Give guidance like a waitress who suggests you order something else when what you ordered is not a good choice. Everyone appreciates your honesty.

Ethics can play a role. People like to help others who seem likeminded and to do business with those they trust.

Beg. Another way to persuade is to plea desperation, but this won’t work too often with the same person.

Play on their emotions. Appeal to what seems to trigger a response in them. Listen to what they say are their concerns and then react.

Never underestimate the role ego plays in things. If you acknowledge someone’s opinion of themselves, you’ll advance far.

Guilt works, if the person you deal with is fair-minded. Appeal to their sense of fairness and reason.

Be a squeaky wheel. Complaining and whining won’t always get you what you want but they say the squeaky wheel gets the oil so in certain situations this strategy has a pay-off.

Be open. Show a willingness to negotiate and show people you’re not greedy.

Acknowledge concerns. Don’t come off as you’re right and they are wrong.

Recognize and acknowledge the needs and circumstances of the other side.

Don’t use threats. Threats, cover-ups, lies, and other improper or illegal means to persuade will work but they will come back to haunt you.

Don’t overstate or overvalue your worth. Act reasonably, fairly, and kindly even if you believe you hold an advantage over someone.

Understand them. One way to appeal to others is to get to know them and understand what makes them tick.

Praise others and kiss their butts. You catch more flies with honey, so lavish others with kind words.

Do not air strong opinions on sensitive matters, such as politics, sex or religion. You may offend someone in the process.

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