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Larry Hampton says:


My name is Larry Hampton I love travelling and checking out new places (who doesn’t?). The wanderlust since my college days and the love for penning down my experiences compelled me to become a travel writer.
Over the years, I have written a number of articles on travel. I enjoy writing about anything to do with travel. My experiences provide me the tool to come up with interesting articles.
I am keen to feature a guest post on your blog as it would do wonders for my portfolio as a travel writer.
Here are a number of ideas that I am confident you will like:

1) Travel Resolutions for 2014
2) Top Ten Clubs in the world you must visit
3) 5 best Travel Gadgets you must have
4) 25 top places you must visit in 2014
5) Best Films based on travel
6) Favorite getaway destinations of your favorite celebs
7) Scary Travel destinations that are also fun
8) Best travel apps
9) Tips on going off the grid while travelling
10) Top 10 unexplored travel destinations
11) 7 most romantic places where you must take your loved one to
12) Favorite Family vacation destinations
10) Nordic Retreats You Simply Can’t Afford To Miss
11) The Most Breathtaking British Railway Journeys
12) Visiting the Castles of Wales

Also, if you aren’t too enthused by the ideas I have suggested, you could always suggest one of your own and I shall be happy to write on it.
Lastly, I am willing to give $20 for your efforts as I am really keen to feature on your site and hence feel that it would be a sound investment.
I sincerely hope your reply is in the positive.

Warm Regards,

johnkremer says:

Email me, Larry, with a sample post. Email:

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