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Infographic: What Can the IRS Do to You?

What Can the IRS Do to You?

Just a timely cautionary reminder. Get your taxes in now — or, at least, by the 15th!

The IRS can do more to you and quicker than any other creditor in the world. The IRS can go after your wages, your bank accounts, your property including real estate, your savings, as well as any other assets you may own.

If you have your own business, the IRS can also go after any of your customers or vendors. Last but not least, in certain situations, the government can initiate criminal prosecution and put people in prison for not paying the taxes they are supposed to pay.

Wage Garnishment: The IRS can take a portion, if not all, of your entire paycheck depending on how you are paid.

Bank Levy: The IRS can seize whatever is in any of your accounts with a bank or most other financial institutions.

Levies of Client Accounts and Vendors: If you own a business, the IRS can levy the people that owe money to your business.

Seizure of Property: The IRS can take away real estate, vehicles, art, work equipment, and pretty much any other asset.

Criminal Actions: The IRS can impose criminal actions for fraudulent activity including sending you to jail.

Tax Liens: The IRS can file liens against your property, including real property.

For more details on what the IRS can do to you, check out Tax Relief Central:

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