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Mat Cauthon on Women

Mat Cauthon on Women

I’ve always loved the wonderful insights on women uttered by Mat Cauthon, a character from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

Here are Mat’s insights on women from Book 13, Towers of Midnight, of the Wheel of Time series (by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson):

Nothing was more dangerous for the sanity of men than a woman with too much time on her hands.

Sometimes, a man can’t seem to do two things without women wanting him to do one of those things a different way and ignore the other one completely.

When a woman wanted to be “part” of something, that meant she wanted to be in charge.

Sometimes women got angry when you mentioned that they look different, and sometimes they got angry if you did not notice.

Sometimes, a man just likes to do what he wants, without someone telling him what’s wrong with it and what’s wrong with him. That’s all.


And one insight on men from Siuan Sanche, another character from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

Men seem to think that women are nothing more than their personal messengers, sometimes. You dream up all sorts of ridiculous schemes, then expect us to somehow carry them out.

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