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Infographic: Homeowners vs. Real Estate Agents

Homeowners vs. real estate agents on home prices

Selling your home? Did you agree with your real estate agent’s suggested list price?

Here’s an infographic via on whether or not homeowners agree with their real estate agents on the suggested list price for their home. Here are the results:

80% of homeowners say their homes are worth more than their agents think.

14% of homeowners agree with their real estate agents.

6% of homeowners say their home is actually worth less than their agents suggest.

Where do you fall? Do you side with other homeowners? Or do you side with the real estate agents?

As a home buyer, I’d always side with the agent. As a home owner, I would always ask the agent to set a higher suggested list price for my home (because, of course, I will always think it’s worth more since I know its true value as a home).


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